Personal Coaching Approach

Nikki knows that everything is possible! And she knows the specific tool needed to help make this a reality. Olympic Gold Medalists obviously know what it takes to achieve their goals. But Nikki has not only achieved her own success, she has also learned to translate this success into meaningful, profound advice that has helped thousands of others increase their career levels, their status, and their wallets.

NIkki Stone with Medal

Many people tend to get stuck when they hit a plateau or obstacle. With the proper tools and encouragement, surpassing these roadblocks is possible. There is always a way to reach the top of the mountain. Sometimes it’s as easy as taking a chairlift and sometimes it takes crawling on our hands and knees, but there is always a way to the top. The reason that people don’t crest the summit is because there is no one to keep them on track. Nikki keeps her clients accountable to reaching their goals and dreams.

With hundreds of Olympic friends, Nikki believes that they all have something extremely valuable to offer. These Olympians are a vast source of untapped knowledge on success. Nikki has learned how to tap into this knowledge and translate the information into advice that can help all individuals reach whatever their “gold medal” may be.

A person is more likely to win the lottery than an Olympic medal – and we all know how unlikely it is to win the lottery. The reason that there are so few people that win the Olympics is that they have a skill set that very few have developed. This same skill set can help individuals make ground-breaking advancements in the business world and in life. Now Nikki’s clients have found the tools to win their own “lottery”.

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