Personal Development Packages

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The Turtle Effect™ Team Training Experience: Monthly Hour-long Goal Attaining Teleconference Call Sessions

Listen in on the valuable lessons that Olympians gain from their quest to achieve insurmountable goals. You will not only be greatly inspired to follow the tips and instructions that Nikki recommends through her personal philosophy, The Turtle Effect™, but you will also here motivation stories and advice from special guest Olympians that Nikki will personally invite. Learn what it takes to be the best in the world in any field you are in.

What’s included: Stories and advice from Nikki and an array of other inspirational Olympians (Nikki will invite other Olympic medalists to share the wisdom they found from chasing their goals and dreams)

  1. 3 Months – 3 hour-long sessions: $400
  2. 6 Months – 6 hour-long sessions: $750
  3. 12 Months – 12 hour-long sessions: $1400

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The Turtle Effect™ Podium Experience: One-on-one Personal Coaching Conference Call Sessions

Are you ready to take yourself up a notch on that business ladder? Do you want to learn techniques for becoming better prepared, building your confidence, setting lofty but attainable goals, overcoming adversities, taking more risks, adapting to continual changes, finding a network support system, dealing with pressure and handling competition? Nikki will personally guide you through her Turtle Effect™ developing the techniques so you can also reach your spot on the podium of life.

What’s included: You will receive a personal call from Nikki where she will directly address the personal development issues you would personally like to address. With personal guidance, Nikki will outline and address the areas where you may need a little extra attention. With multiple sessions, Nikki will keep you accountable to pursuing your goals.


  1. 1 30-minute session: $300
  2. 3 30-minute sessions: $550
  3. 6 30-minute sessions: $900
  4. 12 30-minute sessions: $1700

The Turtle Effect™ Gold Medal Experience: One-on-One Coaching in Person

Exercise your mind and body with Nikki's personal training right in your home. This package was developed for the most dedicated individuals who want to make truly vast improvements in their personal and professional lives. Nikki will break down the elements of her successful Turtle Effect™ to help individuals find their true potential and reach achievements that they never knew possible.

What’s included: Nikki will travel to your hometown for a weekend full of personal growth. Nikki will provide 2 90-minute physical exercise sessions, 2 90-minute interactive personal business coaching sessions, 2 60-minute personal development activities, and 2 45-minute relaxation and stress management sessions. Each participant will receive a bag full of Olympic memorabilia to remind them to stick to their golden dreams. After your Gold Medal Weekend, Nikki will follow up with monthly calls for the next 12 months to monitor your progress.


The Turtle Effect™ Olympic Experience: A Weekend Full of Olympic Activities

Experience hands-on ways of finding your Turtle Effect™ to sticking your neck out. You will push your limits by trying activities on the actual 2002 Olympic venues. Experience the exhilaration and empowerment of being an Olympian for a day. Have you ever watched the Olympic Games and wondered if you had the nerves to take a Bobsled run at over 70 miles an hour, or launch off an aerial jump like a real Freestyle Skier, or soar hundreds of feet down a hill like a Nordic Jumper? Here’s your opportunity to live like the Olympians do. Don’t worry about finding that extra motivation you’ll need. Renowned motivational speaker, Olympic Gold Medalist Nikki Stone, will also be your host for your day of adventures. She will share stories of Olympians from the various sports and pull actual Olympians aside for a special meet and greet.

What’s included: You will take a luge-like ride on a European-style alpine slide, Learn basic freestyle aerial skiing skills and a few new tricks into the Olympic Park Splash Pool, Experience the true impression of what a Nordic Jumper feels by taking The Xtreme Zipline (reaches a maximum speed of 55 miles per hour with a 435-foot vertical drop and length of 1,454 feet at a 33 percent grade) along the side of the Nordic Jumps, and you will speed down the official 2002 Olympic bobsled track with a professional driver at 65-75 miles per hour and three G's of force. Plus you will receive 1 60-minute group personal development session and 1 30-minute one-on-one personal development session.

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