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You were easily the best coach that I have ever had. You gave me something so much more than the typical personal development coaches. You certainly know the secret to success in the air AND in the office.

-Maria M.

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I have never been so moved by someone’s advice. In fact, I have never taken the time to follow up and tell someone how powerful their words were. I have made some profound, positive changes as a result of working with you and my work has increased 10 fold.

-Tom S.

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I usually can't sit still that long but I sat still the whole time you shared your wisdom.  I wished everyone in the world could hear your advice.  I think the world would be a much better place to be if people would follow your example for success.

-Don E.

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I can typically be a bit of a cynic, but I was blown away with the advancements you helped me make. You have helped unleash potential I didn’t know I had and empowered me to believe I can achieve anything I set my mind to. You are just as good at helping others find their own success as you were at finding your own Thanks for helping me find my true potential!

-Cindy S.

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I was personally greatly inspired by [working with you] … I will not soon forget the experience I had with you today! I am richer for having been with you… Thanks for enriching my life.

-Neal C.

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I have been questioning myself lately.  But after listening to you yesterday. . . . put it this way, I really needed to be there yesterday and hear what you had to say.  You reiterated what I already knew-I needed to believe in myself again.  I know that I may not see the results I am looking for right away, but I now believe I have the abilities to succeed!

-Lisa M.

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When we first discussed …the possibility of finding an Olympian [to work with our group], I couldn’t have ever imagined how great it would turn out in the end. I have to commend you on your ability to connect your personal experience to our group... You did a fantastic job detailing your hurdles and relating them to the group in a way that they could apply to their own hurdles.

-Micha S..

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